RINGdeLUXE la Rioja
Concéntrico Festival 

RINGdeLUXE la Rioja 
CONCÉNTRICO, Logroño’s International Architecture and Design Festival 2018

RINGdeLUXE - a glamorous piece of jewelry worn by the building of the former city hall of Logroño, the capital of the Spanish province La Rioja, currently housing the Instituto de Estudios Riojanos.
The pneumatic structure of striking dimensions quickly reveals it’s lightness and simplicity. The soft shining leads the thread of associations from gangsta outfits towards an ingenuous love confession.
Not all that glitters is gold. Not all that vanishes is untrue.

The collective Plastique Fantastique realised this installation as part of the Concéntrico festival of architecture and design, which took place in Logroño from April 27th till May 1st 2018.

Team: Marco Canevacci, Daniel Felgendreher, Antonia Joseph, Maria Turik, Markus Wüste, Yena Young
Photos: Marco Canevacci

Thanks to: 
Javier Peña Ibáñez (Concéntrico Festival)
Rebeca Castellano and Reinhard Maiworm (Goethe Institut Madrid)
Sebastián Andrés Podesta and Lucas Seré Peltzer (Los Argentinos)


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