It is air which makes inflatable. Not plastic.

Several volumes from previous Plastique Fantastique installations create a mathematical set, mixing and isolating the air which creates a 'densing space'. We invite ourselves to be performers within the installation by interacting with this 'air-cocktails'. The inflatable set intersects and renews the visual perception by its ever-changing constellation. The breathing composition breaks the boundary of the set and forms undefined buffer zone where we SJ (Space Jokey) the equilibrium of the geometrical system.

A ∩ B = {x : x ∈ A and x ∈ B} = Sputnik, Herz, Medusa, Zeitzelt, Loud Shadows
A ∪ B = {x : x ∈ A or x ∈ B} = Atmosphere

A = Air
B = Big Mass

E = mc²
Big Mass = Big Energy (when the speed of light is the same)

Modern humanity (we) has to manage everything by themselves. Perform, taking video and photos, SJ, DJ, design and organise. There is neither co-workers nor friends. This show has no public. There is only You and Me, Duo. Invited from us.

Extreme ephemeral.


Plastique Fantastique - Platform for temporary architecture - Torstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin -