The distance between heart and nettle
BLOOM Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Malthe Ivarsson / Bloom

The distance between heart and nettle
On the occasion of the BLOOM Festival 2022 in Copenhagen, Plastique Fantastique  creates an imaginary path in Søndermarken Park that connects two different landscapes: the interior and the exterior. 70 STEPS is an endless investigation, that links the two spheres of human and nature from the outside. Along this path, the Individual aims to communicate with the in-between while searching for where he/she belongs.
The polarised concepts, Inside/Outside, You/Me, Private/Public, Nature/Urban become ambiguous and blurred in the perception. The two transparent spaces have a timeless distance that one can perceive differently and make an arbitrary calculation in it (e.g. 70 STEPS). After three days, these ephemeral bubbles vanish, leaving only the memory-based border in the air.

Plastique Fantastique (Marco Canevacci and Yena Young)

Plastique Fantastique assistant
Friedrich Wördehoff

Bloom Festival
27 - 29 May 2022 | Copenhagen | Denmark

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