Plastique Fantastique
Lindower Strasse 22, 13347 Berlin, Germany

It is air which makes inflatables. Not plastic.

Plastique Fantastique is an art group which samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999, Plastique Fantastique is influenced by the unique circumstances that made the city a laboratory for temporary spaces and investigates alternative, adaptable, low energy spaces for temporary and ephemeral activities. 
The transparent, lightweight and mobile installations relate to the notion of activating, creating and sharing public space and involving citizens in creative processes. They are in many ways the simplest of structures – a skin that separates but also connects, that breathes new life into the city and makes the invisible visible.

PF Directors:
Marco Canevacci (Dr. Trouble) & Yena Young (Ms. Bubble)

Marco Barotti, Markus Wüste, Stephanie Grönnert, Julia Lipinsky, Christoph Tettenborn, Carsten Reith

Al Victor, Aki, Martin Abbott, Gonzalo Arnejo Meijueiro, Pietro Balp, Andreas Beer, Plamen Botev, André Broessel, Lorenzo Brusci, Alberto Sanchez Cabezudo, Héctor Crehuet, Raffaele Distefano, Aurora Dominguez, Daniel Felgendreher, Gaia Fugazza, Steffi Goldmann, Àlvaro Gómez-Sellés, Alessandra Aziza, Jacopo Gallico, Sonia Garcia, Michael Heim, Marc Hernandez, Mirjam Dorsch, Franz Höfner, Antonia Joseph, Hiram Krumm, Jens Löffler, Hugo Luque, Harriet Collins, Itxaso Markiegi, Ingo Mende, Manuela Milicia, Giulio Neri, Lak Poison, Chong Tzu Huei Queenie, Gianluca Regoli, Nicole Riegel, Cristina Saquillo, Anna Sauter, Simone Serlenga, Lorenzo Soldi, Gabriel Spera, Andreas Steinmann, Uta Sewering, Elena Tonini, Gyoergy Vago, Francesca Venier, Markus Vogt, Nicole Wagner, Ragnar Weber, Carmen Zedler, Daniela Zenone.

Finanzamt Berlin-Mitte. USt-ID: DE 265677075

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