Nuevas Tecnologias en Castilla la Mancha, Spain, January-May 2007.

The BURBUJA MANCHEGA project is a mobile exhibition unit that was placed one week long in 5 different locations around Castilla la Mancha, Spain. The installation was conceived as public educational event, showing visitors of any age facts about new technologies.
The architecture was made of two main spaces interconnected by two tunnels where visitors experienced the contents in a circular path.
The required technical equipment was located in the void between the tunnels.

Design: Marco Canevacci
Berlin pf Team:
Pietro Balp, André Broessel, Jacopo Gallico, Franz Höfner, Antonia Joseph, Cristina Saquillo, Elena Tonini, Markus Vogt, Nicole Wagner, Ragnar Weber, Markus Wüste
Castilla pf Team:  Plamen Botev, Gonzalo el Gallego, Alberto Sanchez Cabezudo, Cristina Saquillo, Francesca Venier, Markus Vogt, Nicole Wagner, Ragnar Weber, Markus Wüste
Thanks to: Carmen Zedler
Photos: Marco Canevacci, Markus Wüste

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