Tempelhof Airport


Event for Phillips in Tempelhof Airport, Berlin.
A project in cooperation with super an der spree

Cloud Berlin is a project implemented in cooperation with super an der spree for promoting a new software of Phillips. The area which is chosen for the setup of this pneumatic structure is a huge inner space of the Berlin Tempelhof Airport. The space is characterized in neutral colors with its scale which overcomes the human scale, and it consists of metal elements that cross each other creating frameworks, repetitions and enormous openings.

Our interest is situated in catching the visitor's eye and highlighting the surrounding space by pointing out the controversies of not only the materials and their properties but of the different type of structures as well. The surrounding structure is solid and permanent carrying a history, while the Cloud is fragile and temporary like the new technology that promotes. There is a difference in the textures, the qualities and the information that highlights spatial characteristics and function as an attractor for the visitors.

When the setup of the pneumatic structure completes, the space is finally divided in three sections. In the first section there are the furniture, which define a space and adjust the flow of the visitors. The second section is the inner space of the Cloud and the third one is the outcome in the subtraction of the two previous sections from the space that surrounds them.

As a result, while the visitors entering the Cloud a transition occurs from a place that consists of too much optical information to a place that is TOTAL WHITE.

Team: Marco Canevacci, Stephanie Grönnert, Simone Serlenga, Queenie Chong, Mirjam Dorsch, Hugo Luque, Gabriel Spera, Steffi Goldmann, Yena Young
Photo: Simone Serlenga, Queenie Chong
Text: Gregory Tsantilas

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