Matadero Madrid


Naves Matadero presents Dactiloscopia Rosa (Pink Dactylscopy), a site specific installation specially designed for Nave 11 by artist Marco Canevacci, from Plastique Fantastique group, famous for his gigantic inflatable sculptures. The installation represents a gigantic latex hand that visitors can enter into to see an exhibition of the history of queer fanzine in Spain. At the end of each finger, every nail will be a screen where a selection of video art pieces will be screened also on queer topics. Both the exhibition and the screenings are curated by the Centre of Avantgarde Arts Museum La Neomudéjar.

DACTILOSCOPIA ROSA is a playful installation consisting of a vault and five sleeve-like inlets, that puts visitors in the position of depth-explorers, curiously examining this confusing, naive and eccentric ambience. Each protrusion - soon recognised as fingers and a thumb - ends with a projection surface hosting videos dealing with sexuality and queer scene. Pink colour - provocative, toxic and sensual - enhances the ambiguity and controversy connected to these topics, closely connected to the assumption that no standards can be applied to a person. One proof for it is the uniqueness of our fingerprints.
People caught „in the hand“ in a way not experienced before, can also discover a particular form of freedom, acting as nerve impulses directing the hand - the body part in charge for caressing, hitting, holding and touching.

DACTILOSCOPIA ROSA is a co-production with Naves Matadero in Madrid.

Curator: Mateo Feijóo
Idea: Marco Canevacci
PF Team: Yena Young and Harriet Collins
Photos: Alvaro Lopez del Cerro
Portrait photo: Ximenay Sergio

Plastique Fantastique - Platform for temporary architecture - Torstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin - info@plastique-fantastique.de