MEDUSA at RDS Showcase

Showcase for Radio Dimesione Suono, Rome, 2009 – 2013.
The pneumatic lounge MEDUSA is a unique venue designed for special record release events taking place at the RDS radio station headquarters in Rome. Custom made for this environment, the 18 meters wide transparent bubble provides a 250 sqm surface to be used as a multisensory space in the garden in front of the main building with light- and Sound equipment placed inside the central column of the structure. To date this exuberant lounge has hosted meetings with many different artists, among them Shakira, Skunk Anansie and Michael Bublé.

Team: Pietro Balp, Marco Barotti, Marco Canevacci, Stephanie Grönnert, Antonia Joseph, Manuela Milicia, Gianluca Regoli, Carsten Reith, Markus Wüste
Photos: Marco Canevacci

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