Berlin 1918 / 19  


November 2018 marks the centenary of the German Revolution and the end of the First World War. The conclusion of the war and the establishment of the first German parliamentary democracy are crucial events in modern history, with lasting impacts both within and beyond Berlin. The revolution’s most significant achievement was the enshrinement of a catalogue of fundamental social and individual rights within the Weimar Constitution of 1919 – a first in German history.

On this occasion of “100 Years of Revolution – Berlin 1918-19”, Plastique Fantastique was invited to create a moving installation which will be placed at various locations throughout the city, such as Alexanderplatz, Potsdamerplatz, Breitscheidplatz and Schlossplatz from November 2018 until March 2019.

Historical photos show that the revolutionaries of 1918 used freight wagons, among other objects, to erect barricades. Meanwhile, pneumatic structures were used as a tool for utopian and visionary architects in 1960s to oppose the current architecture and to propose futuristic utopia. These two elements are combined and revived in 2018-19 in Berlin in order to relate the public to cultural interaction by owning the public space temporarily in the urban setting, and yet to provoke the revolution in our time.

When the wagon positions in the square, two doors open and bubbles are blown out toward the street creating transparent barricades. The soft and light structure invites the city and its passengers in urban area to participate the action by gathering, experiencing and walking through the installation. The installation consists of four spaces: Small bubble as present, wagon as past, big bubble as future and the public square as observation space through the time. Outside the wagon, visitors can read and be informed about the history chronologically by flapping the metal plates. At the entrance visitors are informed about programmes of art events regarding 100 Years of Revolution. The wagon exhibits several interactive elements of the historical moment and leads to the space where creative thoughts and discussions begin. 

PneuRevolution is organised by Kulturprojekte Berlin, in the occasion of 100 years of Revolution Berlin 1918-19.

Curator: Jaana Prüss
Plastique Fantastique Team: Marco Canevacci, Yena Young, Lorenzo Soldi, Stephanie Grönnert, Julia Lipinsky, Daniel Felgendreher, Carsten Reith, Maria Turik, Mirjam Dorsch, Alessandra Aziza
Technical supervision: Maria Kusche from Kulturprojekte Berlin
© Photos: Plastique Fantastique

11.11.2018 Neuer Marstall
5.–14.1.2019 Alexanderplatz
15.–18.1.2019 Breitscheidplatz
19.–23.1.2019 Potsdamerplatz
1.–28.2.2019 Revolutionszentrum Podewil
4.–9.3.2019 Alexanderplatz 


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