Reconcile with Horizon is focusing on revival of tradition through modern interpretation. By creating a promenade in front of Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion, it allows visitors and locals to stroll, meet and communicate. The installation explores the urban space and potential of the former columns by evoking its iconic presence in a playful way.

The mixture of horizontal, vertical and diagonal pattern implies that it does not persist the form of vertical column but try to find the balance with the horizontal Pavilion behind. Within the boundary of a long cylinder, 1 meter diameter by 6 meter high, black and white transparent lines play freely. The graphical patterns are inspired from ancient Egyptian and Greek columns, roman amphitheater, Gaudi's spiral column and modern skyscraper, gathering times of the world in one place.

Temporary pneumatic structure, which is easy to transport, install and dismantle, is suitable to investigate the space for the current and future function. It takes a few hours to install/dismantle, and does not harm the site leaving no trace afterwards. The lightness of air creates flexibility to the environment and circumstances as the Barcelona Pavilion does over time. Each inflatable column will be connected with a small 15cm diameter ventilator inside and weighed down with sand bags (200kg). Also, LED spotlight will be installed inside in order to illuminate the structure at night.

Thin skin of transparent sheet with printed black pattern separates the space and connects the view like glass material does. Polyurethane plastic is recommended due to its clear transparency, tear proof and environmentally friendly quality. In order to minimise its environment impact, the structure will be sent to recycling center after the exhibition unless there is further request for installation.

Mies Van der Rohe Foundation, Madrid, Spain.
Fear of Column competition

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