Triennale di Milano

TERREFERME – Triennale di Milano

The exhibition TERREFERME deals with the aftermath of the 2012 earthquake which took place in the Emilia region, close to Bologna.
It has been conceived to amplify and humanise those moments that suddenly rip apart daily life and are capable of destroying cultures, stories and history.
The exhibition, designed by Plastique Fantastique and Wagner Associati, proposes narrative forms that are the antithesis of destruction: there ore no comers, no sharp edges, no weights, because what needs to be told must be protected and secured in order to conserve the great human and cultural activity in a terrain that trembles, swallowing its knowledge and breaking the rhythm of life.
The contemporary nature of the mediums and their interactive capacity will make visitors an active and vital part of the events and their development.
They will be greeted by intangible surfaces as well as sounds, images, documents, and moments that will become one, in a unique space where one feels that an earthquake is not something that affects others, but the collectivity.

The design of the exhibition TERREFERME is cooperation between Plastique Fantastique and Enrico Toso / WEA .

Team: Marco Canevacci, Marco Barotti, Mirjam Dorsch, Stephanie Grönnert, Julia Lipinsky, Andrea Malacchini, Lorenzo Soldi, Yena Young
Photos: Tiziano Scaffai

Plastique Fantastique - Platform for temporary architecture - Lindower Strasse 22
13347 Berlin - info@plastique-fantastique.de