A joint project of Plastique Fantastique, Marco Barotti & Architettura Sonora

THE EMOTION MAKER – Clerkenwell Design Week

Premiere: Clerkenwell Design Week 2011. The Emotion Maker is an experimental, inter-disciplinary urban intervention which use a temporary performance chamber to house an interactive sound installation that connects participants to hundreds of music samples prerecorded by 100 different musicians representing their own emotions. Tracks are loaded onto an interactive device that allows visitors to remix the emotions into a composition of their own. The Emotion Maker condenses music, architecture and soundscape into a public sphere.To date, the Emotion Maker has brought its intimate, self directed concert experience to the cities of Berlin, Bilbao and London. THE EMOTION MAKER is a joint project of Plastique Fantastique, Marco Barotti & Architettura Sonora.

Team: Anna Anderegg, Marco Barotti, Lorenzo Brusci, Marco Canevacci, Simone Conforti, Stephanie Grönnert, Antonia Joseph, Markus Wüste
Photos: Marco Canevacci

Plastique Fantastique - Platform for temporary architecture - Lindower Strasse 22
13347 Berlin - info@plastique-fantastique.de