THOLOS - the circular construction in ancient Greece - has been reimagined by Plastique Fantastique to achieve a metaphysical experience. This reinterpretation challenges the notion of permanence in contemporary times, aspiring to transient ubiquity by juxtaposing weighty stone structures with pneumatic architecture. As visitors step into the mirrored structure, the undulating inflation of columns creates a distortion of their reflections, inviting them on a journey through replicated, multidimensional visual realms. At the heart of this ensemble, a black sphere hovers, emitting vibrations and a profound soundscape, intriguingly challenging perceptions of geometry and gravity.

Pop Air exhibition
Superstudio, Milan
December 23rd - February 12th 2023

Plastique Fantastique
Marco Canevacci and Yena Young

Plastique Fantastique team:
Teresa Caputo
Xueqi Huangfu
Max Koeppel
Cora Röschlein

Special thanks:
The Balloon Museum Team

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