THOLOS - the circular dome in ancient Greece - has been reinterpreted in Plastique Fantastique's latest installation to achieve a metaphysical experience. The ripple of the columns creates a distorted image of the person looking at them, depending on the point of view and movement of the subject. A black sphere floats in the centre of the ensemble, challenging the perception of geometry and gravity.
Tholos questions the permanent materiality in our time and seeks to be temporary and ubiquitous.

Pop Air exhibition
Superstudio, Milan
December 23rd - February 12th 2023

Plastique Fantastique
Marco Canevacci and Yena Young

Plastique Fantastique team:
Teresa Caputo
Xueqi Huangfu
Max Koeppel
Cora Röschlein

Special thanks:
The Balloon Museum Team

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