Lux Festival, Centro Cultural La Térmica, Malaga, Spain, 2023
Curator: Mateo Feijoo

Design Week Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2022
Curator: Dajana Vujaklija

Love Exhibition, Digital Art Festival Taipei, Taiwan, 2020
Curator: Yenyi Lee

Polytech Festival, Moscow, Russia, 2017
Curator: Anna Titovets Intektra


Double Heart is a pneumatic sound sculpture which collects the heartbeats of random people and transforms them into a collective soundscape. Two visitors sit inside the sculpture, their pulse is measured, processed and amplified, revealing the endless variability of these rhythmic patterns. The beats are transmitted in real time by a sound system that can also be heard by the audience outside the installation.

The installation absorbs frequencies of human bodies and searches for possible compatibility between strangers and beloved, questioning the match as atonal repulsion or natural attraction.

Double Heart is a project that is constantly evolving and has already been exhibited at  different occasions. The initial project has been developed together with the media artist Marco Barotti on the occasion of the Red never follows Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London: many thanks for his support.

Plastique Fantastique
Marco Canevacci and Yena Young

Plastique Fantastique assistant:
Cora Röschlein, Pihla Pellinen

Special thanks:
Senka Radovic, Ksenia Lukina, Dmitry Sokolov, Jens Rösler (Goethe-Institut Taipei), Tsung-Han (DingZing advanced materials), Martín Moniche Ferrer, Luis Díaz González.
And all the amazing team of the Design Week Novi Sad 

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