MOBILE PPS (Personal Protective Space) for Doctors

Fighting against COVID-19, doctors might be exposed to the infection when masks and protection suits are in shortage. The Mobile PPS is a pneumatic space where doctors can treat patients in transparent protective space. It has constant overpressure, which means, the air flows only toward outside of the space, not letting the virus coming inside. The clean air supply is guaranteed by a ventilator located outside or in an extra decontaminated space.

AIR LOCK area keeps the air pressure and prepares doctors with disinfection procedures.
Material: White TPU

In the CARE UNIT, doctors can treat the patients according to their health condition.
-Including the medical machines inside the PPS
-Attaching arm gloves on the surface of the PPS
-Simply checking the appearance of the patients and talking with them.
-Doctor's office

CARE UNIT has size of 4m by 8m and can be attached and detached with each other. Doctors are protected by transparent plastic layer and constant overpressure air flow
Material: Transparent TPU

In the RELAX AREA , doctors can rest between shifts.
Material: White TPU

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