SiloSilo is a cluster of cylinder spaces. The tubes made from different materials become vessels encasing recycled products, video projection, PET installation and meeting & conference space. It contains and concerns about sustainable use of plastic. SiloSilo arouses the awareness of local recycling and stages the various possibilities to up-cycle plastics.

Concept: Marco Canevacci, Yena Young
Team: Carsten Reith, Miriam Dorsch, Gianluca Regoli
Photos & Video: Yena Young
Thanks to: DEPO2015, Sulženko Jiři, Jirátová Kristýna 

As a preview of the exhibition, Plastique Fantastique installed a donut-shaped bubble (MEDUSA) on 10th October, 2016 in the center of Pilsen. The volume of MEDUSA is equivalent to the amount of plastic garbage produced in Pilsen for 3 days.

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