Interim Festival

ZEITZELT (Timetent)

Contemporary Keltic tent explores the history of the village (Grabenstetten) and creates a surreal transparent space where time is blended and people gather, experience and search for their own stories. The installation plays, revert and overlaps the different element of any ancestral architecture: instead of covering the wooden frame with textile from outside, a bubble grows from inside expanding against the wood and creates the stage of a timeless theatre where wandering souls speak about what they were looking for in the past.

17. September - 3. October 2017
The project is organised by INTERIM art festival.

Concept/design: Yena Young
Plastique Fantastique team: Marco Canevacci
Wooden structure: Christoph Tettenborn (Offcut Berlin)
Photos/video: Yena Young

Thanks to,
Curators: Ulrike Böhme, Susanne Hinkelbein
Festival manager: Christoph Höfig
Reading performance: Mitglieder des Interim-Projektchores

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